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For temporary apartments Karlsruhe there can be many reasons. Young people often travel for an internship into the city, others do have important business dealings and stay in Karlsruhe for several days up to weeks. Finding a cheap apartment to the living time in Karlsruhe that is not too far away from the city center, may be considered as significant. For the short-term apartments Karlsruhe there are different accommodations options available, such as hotels and privately rented rooms. Alternatively, pensions are always a favorable temporary apartments in Karlsruhe too. Usually, the breakfast is included in the price and the atmosphere is a bit more familiar than in the hotel.

Temporary living Karlsruhe - Sightseeing in the city

Karlsruhe is a relatively young city, which was founded at the beginning of the 18th Century. Those who live in the city for a longer period will soon notice the circular-shaped buildings of the Down Town. The focus is on the Karlsruhe Palace, which now houses the Baden State Museum. It also houses a part of the Federal Constitutional Court. In the castle garden you can relax with a walk in the countryside. There are 32 fan-shaped streets that start from the castle and do represent the rays of the sun.

Shopping Art and Media in Karlsruhe

Whoever is living in Karlsruhe for a temporary time has got numerous of shopping opportunities in the Kaiserstraße (Imperial Road) and the shopping center at the Ettlinger Tor that includes 130 shops. For the physical well-being there are numerous of dining establishments available. Very near to the shopping center a large cinema complex, the largest institution for media art in the world, the Center for Art and Media, can be found in an old arms factory. The so-called ZKM houses the Media Museum, which exhibits permanent expositions and several temporary exhibitions in the world of media art. Moreover, one finds the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Media Theatre and the City Gallery in Karlsruhe.

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