Budget accommodation in Karlsruhe

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Karlsruhe, that is located very close to the famous cities of Heidelberg, Mannheim, Freiburg and Stuttgart, is getting increasingly more and more popular for travelers. One can find private, suitable and budget accommodations in Karlsruhe, or one can follow the trend and book a Bed and Breakfast.

Budget accommodation in Karlsruhe

The ones who are lucky, will find an accommodation in the very near of the famous castle of Karlsruhe, for example, on the Kaiserstraße (Imperial Road). Hotels, which can be also found on gloveler.com, are often exclusively focused on luxury. Some of them appear rather small to the visitor, but offer an extensive service and best equipment. Even a little cheaper are the youth hostels of the city. Many of them are generally located a little outside of the actual center but close enough to all attractions such as the Karlsruhe Castle, the place or the castle of Ludwig Gottesaue walk. Furthermore, they provide individual offers.

Sights in Karlsruhe

The third largest city in Baden-Wuerttemberg is part of the state Baden. The relatively young city is the seat of the Federal Court and the Federal Constitutional Court, this made Karlsruhe earning the nickname "seat of justice". Both courts are housed in the castle of Karlsruhe, in which even the Baden State Museum is located. The palace garden is perfect for a walk. In addition to ones visit in the city of Baden, the world's largest organization for media arts, the Center for Art and Media, in short ZKM, can be admired here. Also, here are several museums, among other things the media museum, the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Media Theatre that are composited under the umbrella of a former munitions factory. Also a large cinema complex can be found here. You can book your favorite and budget accommodation in Karlsruhe here!

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